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founded in 2009, raysov company (ray instrument co., ltd., former named komet ray instrument co., ltd.) is a high-tech company specializing in ray digital imaging system solutions. it became a member of z.x. ray in 2017 and changed its name to raysov in 2019.

raysov company is committed to providing customers with reliable, efficient and intelligent x-ray visual quality control solutions, in the car wheel hub, auto parts, oil pipe, pressure vessel components, high voltage electrical components, aerospace and weapon ndt, with excellent user experience, design perfect in details, favored by customers all over the world.

the company inherits the core technology of power tree high frequency and high voltage, owns 100-600kv high frequency constant voltage x-ray machine, 2-7mev induction electron cyclotron, the reliability and technical index can be completely comparable to the same imported instrument, provide film and digital image detection solutions for equivalent detection standard below 200mm steel .

raysov company owns a strong core team with dr mei focus on computer vision detection technology, adhere to the core of the digital image processing technology promote the development of radiation imaging detection system, imaging software can according to customer requirements quickly and continually upgrade, provide solutions, raylion image filtering function can help customers to catch more clear identification of complex shape parts defect characteristics, improve the testing efficiency, equipment use comfort level.

raysov company adhering to the "craftsman spirit, spirit of contract, humanistic spirit" code of business conduct.always ensure that every order is covered by "high quality technical analysis", "perfect quality testing" and "full time sales service".

be dedicated, strong and innovative.raysov company is always willing to step into a new era with all customers.