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exhibitors:hangzhou linan westlake grinding machine factory
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hangzhou linan westlake grinding machine factory 

the products of hangzhou westlake grinding wheel factory are sold all over the country and are well received by customers. especially in the field of dust removal and environmental protection grinding wheel machine and dust collection and environmental protection belt machine, there are many national patented technologies, which have their own core competitiveness. at the same time, castings grinding machine and automatic castings grinding machine are constantly accepted by the majority of users. in the near future, it will be widely used to develop the grinding unit of manipulator in cooperation with many domestic companies.
at present, we have various grinding wheel machines, such as table type, floor type, hand push type, suspension type, drive type, hand-held type, dust removal type, table type, low foot and high foot polishing machine, profile cutting machine, belt cutting machine, environmental protection dust removal supporting equipment and a series of industrial drilling and milling machines. the company regards quality as its life. all products of motor windings are made of high quality copper wire and brand insulation materials.