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exhibitors:jinzhou investment casting foundry
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jinzhou investment casting foundry was established in 2011,jinzhou is a wofe managed by dutch, with western management. we have over 25 years’ experience producing industrial investment castings and arranging casting sales internationally.
jinzhou locates in chenbao industry park, xinghua city, jiangsu province, it’s 250km north of shanghai, and closed to nanjing port and shanghai port.
our production capabilities consist of the following areas of expertise:
precision castings as per the ceramic lost wax process – annual capacity are 2000 tons. unit weight range from 100gr up to 5kgs.(in special case, we can go up to 50kgs).
precision castings as per the shell moulding process – annual capacity are 1500 tons. unit weight range from 150gr up to 30kgs.
we can manufacture castings in carbon steel qualities as well as in medium and high alloyed steel qualities.
apart from rough castings, we are also able to supply pre-machined and completely machined components as well as completely assembled parts.
heat treatments: normalizing, quenching and tempering vacuum heat treatment.
main products: industrial castings for automotive industry, shipbuilding, and construction.