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exhibitors:jiangsu weirun forging co.,ltd
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jiangsu weirun forging co.,ltd

jiangsu weirun forging co., ltd. was established in 2014,and it is composed of jiangsu longtai alloy technology co., ltd. and jiangsu xinya new material co., ltd. we are the first involved in the smelting alloy steel and all kinds of forging manufacturing is mainly engaged in steel smelting, electroslag remelting, forging, mold production and operation of the project.after years of development, we have formed a complete industrial chain at home and abroad,such as material recycling , smelting, electroslag casting, forging, casting, mold finishing.the company now has 60 thousand square meters of plant, 1 ton of electric residue furnace 3, 3 ton electric residue furnace 1, 10 tons of electric residue furnace 1; 2 tons air - air hammer 2, 1 ton air - air hammer 1, 0.75 tons air - air hammer 1,3 tons and 8 tons of fully mechanized electro-hydraulic hammer production line.we have a batch of machining-heat treatment equipment, spectrum analyzer and various kind of physical and chemical performance testing equipment.