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exhibitors:luoyang longzun mould co.,ltd
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luoyang longzun mould co.,ltd

luoyang longzun mold co., ltd. was established in 2012, is a professional design and manufacturing unit of epc foam mould designated by epc association. the company has 15 professional die design engineers, 30 senior technicians, 28 large-scale center, 25 general equipment, one reverse scanner, one anycasting die flow analysis equipment. it can provide a complete set of design schemes for lost foam mold, iron mold, coated sand mold, resin sand mold and v method mold.
there are 12,000 production workshops with casting, processing, assembling and surface treatment as well as 3,000 m3 office buildings. the quality, accuracy, efficiency and service life of the die have reached the leading position in the industry by adopting computer three-dimensional design, computer-aided programming processing technology, fm casting method and original teflon surface coating technology. the company has professionals on-site guide die installation, commissioning, production, free maintenance, and provide a full set of lost foam casting technical advice and services. at present, it has become the first choice of many large foundry enterprises.