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exhibitors:luoyang easy 3d printing technologies co., ltd.
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luoyang easy 3d printing technologies co., ltd.

luoyang 3d printing technologies co., ltd. was established in oct 2018 luoyang, china dedicating in sand molds/cores 3d (3 dimensional) printing directly from cad digital files with further casting and finishing for final foundry products delivered to worldwide clients. 
fully customized on demand!
1. workshop manufacturing base: 7,300 square meters in luoyang, china
2.major planned 3d sand amsky printers: 8 
3.planned full annual 3d sand printing capacity: 20,000 mt
major shareholders:
  amsky technology co., ltd. (listed in shenzhen exchange 300521)
  luoyang hi-tech industrial group co., ltd. etc.