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exhibitors:metal forming lubricants inc
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metal forming lubricants inc. (mfl) was founded in 1999, located in the northeast of ohio. it is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research and development of high-performance metal forming lubricants, mainly producing forging release agents, stamping forming lubricants and other products, as well as customized development of specific lubrication products for customers.

mfl's customers are all over america, asia and europe, involving many high-end precision forging industries such as automobile, rail transit, aviation, equipment manufacturing, etc.

nowadays, the competitive business environment of metal processing industry requires enterprises to reduce costs, improve productivity and maintain high-quality products. mfl's goal is to provide customers with cost-effective lubrication solutions.

mfl's business in mainland china is fully represented by wenzhou tuoyu technology co., ltd. tuoyu technology has nearly 20 years of industrial lubrication product operation experience, providing product sales, technical support and after-sales service for mfl's chinese users.