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exhibitors:nantong youteng environmental technology limited company
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nantong youteng environmental technology limited company

nantong youteng environmental technology limited company  is a company specialized in the research, development and production of die casting release agent wastewater recovery and reuse, machining cutting fluid wastewater recovery and reuse. the production and operation of the company's equipment is the release agent recovery device, cutting fluid recovery purification device, cutting fluid filter, low temperature vacuum concentrator. the release agent recovery device developed by our company adopts pure physical method to effectively solve the core problems that affect the recovery and utilization of release agent, such as oil slick, deodorization, removal, particle impurities, and so on. it is an energy saving and consumption reducing multi-purpose equipment for customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency and improve the workshop environment. the company continuously launched to meet customer needs series of products and solutions, products have been throughout the country.
nantong youteng environmental technology limited company (release agent recovery device) product features:
● adopt pure physical method to treat the release agent recovery liquid, without destroying the release agent components
● release agent waste liquid 99% recovery, reduce about 50% release agent consumption
● release agent recovery device compact structure, small floor area, trouble - free, long service life
●plc program control, automatic matching, unattended