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exhibitors:nantong yuanshun fiber co.,ltd
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nantong yuanshun fiber resistant co., ltd. is located in the southeast of jiangsu province. it borders on the yellow sea in the east, the yangtze river in the south, shanghai and suzhou in china across the river in the south, and the vast northern jiangsu plain in the north. from the yangtze river estuary, it can reach the coast of china. nantong yuanshun fiber resistant co., ltd. is an enterprise with diversified development in the high temperature refractory industry. its ceramic fiber series products are applied in steel, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, aerospace, military industry, electrical manufacturing, household appliances and other industries, and have won the majority of users.

in this new historical period full of opportunities, the company will take "customer satisfaction" as our constant pursuit, take care of the environment, repay the society, care for employees and other social responsibilities as its responsibility, and provide users with multi-faceted services. here, we will use faith, pursuit and perseverance to start a new journey, ride the wind and waves, forge ahead, and work with our friends to create a better tomorrow!

main products of the company:

high temperature ceramic fiber cotton 1400 ℃ ysnx-1001

high temperature ceramic fiber paper 1400 ℃ ysnx-2001

high temperature ceramic fiber flame retardant paper 1400 ℃ ysnx-3001

high temperature ceramic fiberboard 1400 ℃ ysnx-4001

high temperature ceramic fiber profile 1400 ℃ ysnx-5001

high temperature ceramic fiber blanket 1400 ℃ ysnx-6001

high temperature ceramic fiber module 1400 ℃ ysnx-7001

high temperature ceramic fiber textiles 1400 ℃ ysnx-8001