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exhibitors:hua teng environmental material co. ltd.
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hua teng  environmental  material co.,ltd. is located in the metallurgical and chemical industry zone of changsheng industrial park, shangdu county, and is mainly engaged in the development, production and operation of various casting main and auxiliary materials.
enterprises pursue the policy of "enterprising, realistic, rigorous and united", take technology as the core, constantly explore and innovate, and integrate traditional and modern management concepts into one enterprise. make the enterprise bigger and stronger and become the leader of the industry as the goal.
main products: golden pearl sand (raw materials are made of high quality bauxite in the area, and the bauxite sand from the bauxite ore in the area is characterized by high aluminum, low iron, low potassium sodium and other elements).
equipment capacity: ten production lines, annual output of gold pearl sand more than 70,000 tons.