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exhibitors:inner mongolia xinyuan graphene technology co., ltd
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inner mongolia xinyuan graphene technology co., ltd

inner mongolia xin yuan graphene technology co., ltd. is the holding subsidiary of foshan city xin yuan electronics co., ltd.(stock code is 839229).
inner mongolia xn yuan graphene technology co., ltd is located at the north foot yinshan, qahar right wing rear banner, wulanchabu city ,lnner mongolia. it covers an area of 148 acres and the workshop area is 20,000 square meters.
xin yuan has built a strong team of r & d, production and marketing, the main staff of the team have nearly 20 years'experience in lithium-ion battery industry.the professional background, senior experience, unique understanding and broad network are the foundation of xin yuan's development in this industry.we make full use of the rich graphite resources in inner mongolia and the advantages of differentiated electricity prices to provide high-performance, stable, safe and economical anode materials and solutions for lithium-ion batteries.