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direction of future foundry industry development
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  “need to prevent technology, management level, production efficiency being low, prevent simply gather of environmental pollution, and practically change development mode”, industry and information section head miao wei said with emphasis when talk about foundry industry adjustment and transformation & upgrading while attending the 9th china foundry association annual meeting. in his opinion, “foundry industry concentration should pay attention to improve company production and organization form, reasonable allocate resources, invest more in technology reforming, promotion advanced manufacturing technology and cleaner production mode, improve materials utilization and production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emission.”
on such condition, aims to build ningguo city to be national even world-class wear resistance castings production research and development base, ningguo city government has a well-thought-out plan for next step industry development.
wangpu introduced, ningguo city will boost on studying wear resistance castings industry development strategy, establish equipment manufacturing industry innovation and development program, guide with plans, establish new pattern of industry development step by step; firmly grasp scheming and bringing in wear resistance castings industry projects, further extending industry chain; specify enterprise production and management, build wear resistance castings manufacturing enterprises evaluation system, carry out eliminating of outmoded mechanism.