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exhibitors:shanxi jinwu energy co., ltd.
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shanxi jinwu energy co., ltd. 

shanxi jinwu energy co., ltd., located in the east of lucun village, huayu town, jishan county, yuncheng city, shanxi province, was founded in august 2005. it is a production enterprise with an annual output of 200000 tons of high-end cast coke (briquette) and 100000 tons of carbon. it is also a key cultivation enterprise of "three development plans and tiger list" in our city.

over the years, our company adheres to the tenet and management philosophy of "products are human character, quality is life, connect with the world and create international brand". actively implement the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, constantly innovate the production process and technology, and successfully develop the environmental protection ash 8 and ash 10 series, high-end foundry coke produced with anthracite as the main raw material, and successively obtain 2 national invention patents and 10 utility model patents. the products are mainly used in the domestic and foreign high-end foundry industry, and are exported to japan, germany, south korea and malaysia for a long time. and other countries. at present, the cooperative companies mainly include the world's largest automobile manufacturing group, toyota motor corporation of japan, hyundai motor corporation of korea, jfe commercial group of japan, mercedes benz automobile of germany, meide group, shandong longji group, the largest casting base of ma steel in asia and other domestic well-known enterprises. in recent years, "jinwu brand" coke is known as "the promoter and leader of environmental protection coke" in the same industry at home and abroad!

the company has won the titles of "shanxi high tech enterprise", "shanxi contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise", "the most socially responsible small and medium-sized enterprise in shanxi province", "excellent enterprise in shanxi province", "advanced unit for poverty alleviation", "model collective" and so on.

qiao huiwu, chairman of the board of directors, has been honored as "model worker of shanxi province", "outstanding entrepreneur of shanxi province", "representative of yuncheng municipal people's congress", "member of jishan county people's congress standing committee" and other honors and social positions.

people oriented, harmonious development, construction of green environmental protection enterprises! qiaohuiwu, chairman of jinwu company, sincerely invites people with lofty ideals at home and abroad to cooperate, seek development and create brilliance together!