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exhibitors:shanghai changgong cold welding machine factory direct selling
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founded in 2003, shanghai changgong mechanical and electrical equipment co., ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of cold welding machine products. aiming at the domestic market demand, reducing the cost of enterprises and improving the efficiency of enterprises, we vigorously launch high-quality high-tech products. through years of development and efforts, we have set up a branch in anhui province, which can better serve customers.

cold welding machine series are mainly used for repairing various molds, precision molds, aluminum alloy / cast aluminum, casting defects, metal and hardware products, workpieces and furniture. the products are all over the country, covering a wide range of applications, including mold industry, stainless steel industry, cabinet industry, door industry, casting industry, electrical manufacturing industry, medical equipment, automobile, shipbuilding, boiler, construction, steel bridge construction. and other industries.

our main products are: cold welding machine, precision repair welding machine (stainless steel cold welding machine), ultrasonic metal welding machine, die casting defect cold welding machine, aluminum alloy repair cold welding machine, die cold welding machine, casting defect repair cold welding machine, die casting defect repair cold welding machine, precision mold repair cold welding machine, alloy repair cold welding machine, copper aluminum repair cold welding machine and a series of cold welding equipment.