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industry 4.0. do you know what it is yet?
read 1985  released in:2014-8-22

it is  - we’re frequently told - the grand concept that’s going to usher in the next industrial revolution, change forever the way that we make things, and shape the world’s balance of industrial power in the decades to come. but what exactly is industry 4.0?
despite everyone - from politicians to captains of industry  - trumpeting its transformative power for the last few years, it’s not often that you come across a coherent definition of the concept. and when you do, it often differs from someone else’s coherent definition.
nevertheless, the technologies at the heart of the industry 4.0 concept are already having an impact. across europe - and particularly in germany - large manufacturers are increasingly exploiting the benefits of smart sensing systems, and advanced connectivity to introduce new levels of flexibility, speed and reliability into their production processes.
things are moving fast. so far, mainland europe, and specifically germany, leads the way.  although china which recently unveiled a bold ten-year industrial plan is catching up.