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nanjing xinnada equipment co.,ltd join in 2017 shanghai international foundry expo
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nanjing xinnada precision machinery co., ltd is a professional company that devotes itself to doing trimming, burring and surface processing of rubbers, plastics, aluminum alloy die casting, zine alloy die casting and mim, etc. the deep-cold series of products in the company have been taking the leading position in domestic or even in the international. we focus on customer demands and take the leading position in treatment effects, reliability, energy conservation and environmental conservation of products. the mt-type equipment is the only professional device with ultra-large capacity and ultrahigh efficiency in the domestic industry. we serve for every customer accurately. we also establish a service processing center closing to customers in ningbo area and taizhou area to ensure that every customer will have accurate and timely after-sales services. we not only provide devices for customers, but also provide solutions of surface treatment for customers.