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nanjing guhua electromechanical technology co., ltd.join in 2017 shanghai international foundry expo
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nanjing guhua electromechanical technology co., ltd. is an international high & new tech enterprise which cooperates with famous universities & scientific research institutes on r&d and industrialization development of superhard grinding tools. we specialize in r&d, manufacture, sales and services of superhard grinding tools & equipment.
under the financial aid of national and jiangsu province science & technology programs, guhua series fusion-diamond superhard grinding tools specially used in foundry industry have successively gone through the following several stages, theoretical & technological innovation, industrialization experiment and practical application.
 the products are specially researched & developed and produced aimed at characteristics of foundry industry and problems exist in traditional grinding tools. they are the latest invention in international field of superhard grinding tools.
as the upgrade and update products of traditional electroplated diamond superhard grinding tools and resin corundum grinding tools, they possess higher cost performance and working efficiency , longer service life. they are also more safe and environmental.
rely on strong abilities of products development, design and mechanical processing and leading international fusion technology, we can offer standardized series grinding tools & equipment. in addition, we can also offer tailor design & process service according to customer’s requirements.
with our dedication, wisdom, strictness and honesty, we aim to make guhua an outstanding international enterprise which specializes in the r&d, technology consulting, manufacture, sales and service of superhard grinding tools series products. this is our forever pursuit and faith.