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handanshi hengong metallurgical machinery co ltd join in 2017 shanghai international foundry expo
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handanshi hengong metallurgical machinery co ltd—the subsidiary company of hebei dazzling continuous casting co ltd, was founded in 2012. hengong located in handan city, hebei province which in the main location of cast iron production in china. adhering to the management philosophy of honesty, pragmatic, serving and innovations from dazzling, hengong has introduced and carried out a wide range of innovation and technological improvements and has succeed in the trial running, this will carry on to the production, the sales, the machining and the service.
the total investment for hengong is rmb160 million, covering an area of 106 mu with a total floor area 60,000sqms.hengong has an annual capability of 100,000 tons for bar production and 10,000 tons for machining. to achieve this goal hengong has equipped the new foundry with new equipments and machinery and increased the experienced technical team.
takes over from dazzling so many years of experience in the manufacturing, machining and aftersales service of all these functions. hengong will build on this to maintain its multi-functional modern enterprise production, machining and after-sales service.
currently hengong owns seven horizontal continuous casting production lines with the abilities to produce ductile iron, gray iron, alloy cast iron with sizesф25mm-ф450mm, especially can also produce similar proudcts with the corresponding size, shaped cross-section, high intensity and high density.
compared with other special steel, hengong bar has lots of superior characters as below:
1. with particularly pure material, without defects such as slag inclusion, sand inclusion and air holes
2. high comprehensive mechanics, especially with the notable raise for the character of the toughness and the fatigue resistance.
3. homogeneous structure, excellent pressure resistance and compactness.
4. the material with high precision, less machining allowance, high smooth finish surface for the machining
5. hollow section with all the above advantages, however with higher density uniformity, as long as the pressure resistance and compachness.
since establishment, hengong has attached great importance to construction of high-quality talents, introduced and trained a large number of senior technical and management personnel.
based on the company's industry technology and practical experience of over ten years, aiming at horizontal continuous casting products, production processes and production line equipment, hengong carried out a wide range of innovation and technological improvement, and successfully increased and stabilized the temperature of molten iron, thus not only effectively guaranteing the supply of the molten iron for production of casting material with different specifications, but also purifying the molten iron and strictly regulating all operation procedures of the production line. after the technological transformation, the output and quality of the product has ranked at a leading position in the whole country.
hengong also furnished with more than one hundred sets of machining equipments and equipped with advanced melting equipments.
hengong has configured spectrometer, electron microscope, carbon and sulfur analyzer and brinell hardness tester etc high precision inspection equipments for the quality control.
the products are widely used in autos, trains, air-conditioning compressors, roller sets, lathes, hydraulics, high-speed wire and manufacturing of other mechanically industrial precision parts.