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exhibitors&products:nantong koizumi machinery co.,ltd join in 2018 shanghai international casting expo
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nantong koizumi machinery co.,ltd join in 2018 shanghai international casting expo


nantong koizumi machinery co.,ltd.


    our company, founded on july 19, 2007, is an enterprise that owns world-class machining equipment and coordinate measuring equipment and has the largest number of cnc machining centers in nantong and also the coordinate measuring equipment of the largest measurement range in east china. last year, our company introduced niigata fms horizontal boring and milling machining center from japan to achieve the sharing of 10 workbenches by 2 machine tools and new full-automatic machining model, which greatly improves our production capacity and technical level.
    since its establishment, our company has provided world-renowned companies with the machining service of industrial robots, medical surgical robots, medical ct machines, wind power generation equipment, high-voltage power transmission and distribution equipment, large centrifugal air compressor boxes and other precision components. our company is also one of the few companies in china that are capable of producing and machining medical equipment parts and has long cooperated with the medical equipment companies such as toshiba and toray. we have also supplied robot parts for yaskawa electric which is one of the four major families of robots in the world, including robot arms and robot bases, with the product accuracy up to 0.02 mm.
   our company specializes in the production and machining of a variety of small batch products involving cast iron, cast aluminum alloy, cast copper alloy, stainless steel, etc. our large aluminum alloy castings and large iron castings from rough machining to high-precision machining meet various requirements of customers, and the size of the largest aluminum alloy casting is 3500*3500*1400mm.
    our joint venture partners are casting companies that produce iron castings and aluminum castings respectively and provide one-stop service from material procurement to heat treatment, grinding and surface treatment, to meet customer demand for low cost and short delivery period.