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exhibitors&products:pingxiang hongyun tezhong taoci co., ltd join in 2018 shanghai international casting expo
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pingxiang hongyun tezhong taoci co., ltd join in 2018 shanghai international casting expo


pingxiang hongyun tezhong taoci co., ltd.


    pingxiang hongyun tezhong taoci co., ltd. located at pingxiang, jiangxi, the capital of industrial ceramics in china, is a domestic high-tech enterprise developing and producing specialized high-temperature ceramics pouring gate, cross gate, straight gate, internal gate, pouring cup, base of filter and other series products. it owns the floor area of 24000m2, plant area of 10000m2, materials, equipment, forming, sintering, detection and other advanced equipment and fixed assets worth 30 million yuan. high-temperature ceramics pouring gate series products are the auxiliary products for casting developed by our company under the guidance of famous casting experts. its performance is better than the imported cast earthenware?pipe. the melting resistance of pouring gate is in a leading position among similar products in china with its main physicochemical indexes reaching or exceeding the level of british and american pouring gate. and these products fill in domestic gaps. they can replace clay fire-resistant pouring gate earthenware pipe series products and are the essential auxiliary materials improving the quality of casting. it has been proved by yingliu co(603308), neway co (603699), thm, csr zhuzhou electric locomotive co.,ltd., crrc yangtze co.,ltd., zhuzhou siwei railway products co., ltd. (sino-us joint venture),, tagon alloy (shenzhen) co., ltd. and other dozens of enterprises that the series products can effectively improve the quality of casting and especially the quality of high-end casting with strict requirements for detection means. they are widely applied in nuclear power, aviation, high-speed rail, wind power and other castings produced by high-end casting enterprises with their performance better than imported pouring cup and pouring gate.