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exhibitors&products:dongguan zhonggang mould co., ltd.join in 2018 shanghai international casting expo
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dongguan zhonggang mould co., ltd.join in 2018 shanghai international casting expo


dongguan zhonggang mould co., ltd.


     steel mold co., ltd., dongguan city, founded in 2004. the main production and sales of the following products: plastic mold, die casting mold, metal mold accessories and parts.
     the company consists of pingxiang steel mold co., ltd., dongguan city, china steel mold co., ltd..
     pingxiang steel mold co., ltd. was established in 2008, the address in the animation industry park of pingxiang city, jiangxi province, with independent plant more than 20,000 square meters, with automatic heading machine, by more than 60 machine grinding, centerless grinding, production of plastic molds, casting molds and metal mold standard parts such as guide pins and bushings, division tube, thimble, mold opening aids. existing employees more than 100 people, can produce up to 30-40 million.
     steel mold co., ltd. dongguan city qingxi town, dongguan city, a workshop area of ​​over 4000 square meters, has a centerless grinding, deep hole drilling, punch machines, flat grinding over 50 professional mold parts production equipment, main production plastic mold, casting molds and metal molds non-standard parts and molded parts. the existing staff of more than 110 people, can produce up to 100,000.
     in order to more fully serve our customers, the company has set up a special ministry of square pieces, specializing in the production, such as a slider, pressure plate, pads, wear plates, locking block, the lifter, the lifter seat parts. there are currently over 50 professionals engaged in the processing of square pieces monthly production capacity of 30,000. the company has invested heavily to create a precise mold department, now has sodick wire walking, cnc and edm machines and a series of high-precision processing machinery, molding some precision processing.
     emphasis on quality management in the steel company, has passed the iso9001-2008 quality management system audit certification, and resolutely implement the actual production, full implementation of quality management and shipment seized the entire system, so that the the shipments pass rate has been 99% or more.
steel emphasis on delivery, full-time follow-up team and a fast and possible follow-up process to ensure delivery of the customers as well as to communicate with customers in a timely manner.
     our attention to service and solve customer problems in a timely manner, adhering to the guidelines and then discuss the responsibility to solve the problem, and make every effort so that our customers not because of the accessories problems affect production.
     in short, steel firm take the "win-win" approach with customers also continue to grow and develop in a process accompanied by customer growth, in their own development but also continue to strengthen customer service, to ensure that the fundamental interests of the customer the steel company's business philosophy, integrity is our foothold in this, more and more customers trust and support, steel will be better and more comprehensive and more accurate customer service.